Acquire Massive Amount Of High-Quality Traffic Programmatically

DataFirst is integrated with over 20 DSPs/SSPs/Ad Exchanges and over 30 publishers/agencies having a direct inventory to over tens of thousands of apps and mobile webs across the globe.

We provide an access to massive and high-quality native, video, interactive, playable, and banner ad inventory.

Our Machine Learning algorithms help us to target millions of users precisely.

The road to success

A proper campaign setup starts with open discussions on: Campaign KPIs Defining your mobile app funnel Selecting relevant sources based on KPIs and restrictions. Campaign timeline based on the frequency of in-app events Next we gather the required assets to build your mobile ad creatives, The more assets we have, the better options we have for A/B testing the campaign. DataFirst as a final step tests your attribution tracking to ensure everything works correctly.

Collect Data

Data powers our adops— the more data accessed, the faster we hit your campaign goals. Our Machine learning algorithm uses historical data to find the best mobile users, predict their actions, and serve the right ad to drive post-install engagement. Our team collects all of this data and make fast decisions in order to hit your KPI


In this phase, our platform has processed enough data to start identifying users with the strongest likelihood of engaging in profitable post-install events. Through lookalike modeling, ML begins optimizing for down-funnel conversions. In the Optimization phase, we focus on specific actions within your app while making sure you’re getting the best return on your ad spend.


This is the final step for our campaign. Our Machine Learning platform in tandem with the Creative team continues to optimize, A/B test and scale campaigns, delivering industry-best install-to-action rates.